Ministry Update: A Leadership Revival in Zimbabwe

We’re rejoicing about this late Spring 2022 update from Pastor Calson –

“It is the joy of my heart to share with you what the Lord has done for us this Spring. With COVID 19 restrictions deteriorating, there has been an open window for us to gather Pastors and Church Leaders in two different places.

“We believe this is a starting point for more trainings as we look forward to have a big one in the city of Bulawayo, where I reside, plans of reaching out to Chinhoyi and Kariba are underway. Both these places are 550 plus kilometers away from my home city.

“After the trainings the Pastors and Church Leaders were so grateful to us especially after a long silence of trainings because of the effects of COVID 19. The training brought a great revival and refreshment to Pastors and Church Leaders who really needed re-sharpening for them to be back on wheels in their local churches.

“The above training was held at Matopo area for three days. Four churches were represented. In attendance were 3 Pastors and 12 Church leaders = 15 in total. The place is some 86 kilometres from the City Centre.

“Pastors and Church Leaders gathered at Kezi Primary School for three days One Leader Training. Number of Pastors 5 and Church Leaders 7 = 12 total. Kezi area is some 140 kilometres from my hometown (Bulawayo).”

Thank you for celebrating these ministry opportunities with me, and God bless you!”

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